Cognition Labs

We Build Software That Works

No-nonsense software freelance/consulting for startups, specializing in ML engineering and full stack. We crack hard engineering problems that others can't.


ML Engineering

Combined 3 publications and 8 years experience. We do data infra/engineering and build/deploy ML models.

Web Development

Fullstack web dev across any stack. React, Nextjs, Django, you name it.

Mobile/Desktop App Development

Native and cross-platform mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Desktop.


Minimalistic collaborative code editing in the cloud. Built for professors at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Landslide Analytics Engine

2-year long research project into applied ML for satellite data. 100s of GBs processed. Published at 2021 MIT Conference.

The Orwell Editor

Text editor w/ AI critiques that guides you to be a better writer


Team Member 1

Shrey Joshi

Built automation systems @gdhq. Published ML research @ut and former camp director @aysi.
Team Member 2

Daniel George

Prev SWE and Data Science. Curr Scientific Programmer @utd.

Contact Us

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